Conrad E Bulenda, the creator and presenter of “Songlines Across Australia”, was inspired by the desert and the Dreamings of Norman Stewart aka Yiwa Tjangala, Warri and his wife Yatungka, Muntja Nungurrayai and her husband John Mosquito Tjapangati, Rover Thomas Joolama, Michael Nelson Jagamara and Donkeyman Lee Tjupurrula - to name but a few. Also through his meetings with members of a number of desert communities.

On and off for more than 20 years he followed the ancient Dreaming Tracks - The Songlines while living a nomadic life with Yiwa Tjangala, his Mandjildjara friend and guide. Together they walked Yiwa's Country. In order to locate the next waterhole Yiwa would recall songs and chants associated with his birthplace. This gave Conrad his first insight into the complex concept of Songlines.

The climax of their long walk was the historic meeting with Warri and Yatungka - the last of the desert people to live a nomadic lifestyle.

He produced and directed a documentary film entitled “Warri and Yatungka -The Last Nomads” as well as a number of other films which have been shown in Australia and overseas.

Following his film making career, Conrad discovered the beauty and poetry of large screen multi-image audio-visual presentation which has led to the creation of his acclaimed work "Songlines Across Australia".

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